Carnegie Mellon Engineering

George Tallman Ladd Research Award

The G.T. Ladd award is made to a faculty member within the Carnegie Institute of Technology in recognition of outstanding research and professional accomplishments and potential. The award is in the form of a memento and an honorarium. More than one award may be made in each year.


The award is restricted to assistant professors and research engineers in CIT in the year of reappointment or the year after.


The basis for selection will be excellence in research as measured by:

  • scholarly publications,

  • research program development,

  • development of funding, and

  • awards and other recognition.


Nominations for the award will be submitted by CIT department heads to the CIT Associate Dean for Faculty and Graduate Affairs by the deadlne. The documentation to support the case should be that used for re-appointment as an assistant professor or research engineer. A nomination letter by the department head should accompany the re-appointment materials, along with a citation of approximately 70 words. No letters other than the nomination letter should be submitted. The nomination materials may be updated for nominees one year after re-appointment.

Selection of the award winner or winners is performed by the CIT Faculty Awards Committee. All CIT Faculty awards will be announced at the Annual CIT Faculty Awards Banquet.